jQuery Stars cursor animation

One of our good friends and clients asked us if can we duplicate “magic” visual effect on mousemove from flash example to his HTML site. The effect shows shine stars when you move mouse over some elements. So we thought it would be nice to create such plugin and share it to the public.

So we present our new jQuery plugin jStars. The plugin creates star effect on mouse move for jQuery selector elements. It’s very easy to use:

	image_path: 'images', // folder with star image
	style: 'white',          // optional, star color, default = white
	frequency: 5          // optional, from 1 to 19

Plugin has different styles of stars (in different color) so you can choose what matches your site background color best.

It is compatible with the following browsers: Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome, Safari 4+, Opera 10+, Internet Explorer 9+ (we use PNG and opacity features in this plugin to make some animation and IE6-IE8 do not support this features well enough, so we decided to not support these outdated browsers ;) ).

Please check our online demo for better understanding of what the plugin does or download and try it right now.

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