Magento 2 — why it’s time to migrate

Alexander Prokopenko
Alexander Prokopenko Chief Technical Officer
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The latest incarnation of the Magento eCommerce platform launched just a few short years ago in 2014 yet has swiftly become widely adopted by a whole host of online retailers across the globe.

Magento proudly declares itself as the most popular commerce platform in the world, stating that it counts more than 250,000 merchants as its customers, and Magento 2 promised to boost performance, scalability, streamline customisations and utilise higher quality code to support all of the above. If you’re already a convert to the ways of Magento, but haven’t quite kicked yourself in gear to migrate to the latest version, here are a few very good reasons why it’s time to make the jump:

The end is nigh

The fact is that you’re running out of time to cling to the old ways. Magento itself has announced that, as of January 2018, Magento 1 will be winding down. Users can expect support to lessen as well as an end to the new extensions usually available in the Magento store. By November 2018, full support for Magento 1 will end. This means the platform will be rendered unsecure, bugs will have no fix, the site will slow and you’ll be playing a dicey game with security.

New UX, new you

Revamp your offering with Magento 2’s swanky CMS UX upgrade. Users can expect a vastly improved and less cluttered flat design layout; further optimisation for mobile devices; increased flexibility to create bespoke editorial templates; and a higher degree of control when it comes to immediate visual and export toggling.

Checkout just got better…

Users can expect a more streamlined checkout with features such as simplified two step, auto recognition of registered users and assumptive guest checkout. Magento 2 also works in those little details that make all the difference in this key stage of the buyer journey, such as shipping rates only being applied once full details are completed and billing address only required at time of payment.

 …and had a boost in scalability

If you’re looking for a platform that can get those orders flying out the door, then Magento 2 is for you. Community can deal with 50,000 orders per hour whilst Enterprise can handle an impressive 90,000 orders per hour.

CSV Product Import made simple

Magento 2 has inspired many a smile from website managers around the world due to its simplified product import CSV. With fewer columns to fill in, you can cut down on time and the headache that this task often begets.

Customer centric performance and optimisation

Magento 2 has been designed to be faster, simpler and safer than earlier versions. Performance has been given a boost with the use of a separate database dedicated to order processing, better browser rendering, full page caching and greater levels of image compression. Full HTML5 support as well as a re-designed CSS pre-processor boosts scalability and speed whilst reducing reads and network round-trips effectively. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a platform that’s faster for both managers and customers, Magento 2 will tick your boxes.

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