What is the future of frontend development?

Alexander Prokopenko
Alexander Prokopenko Chief Technical Officer
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This is a question that’s not necessarily all that easy to answer – not without reams of data from a wide range of developers. However, our line of work means that we can offer an educated guess or two. Here’s what we see for the future of front-end development:

Expectations will rise. Developers are going to be challenged to build increasingly complicated sites as quickly as possible to address the rising expectations of users. Website will be asked to do more, faster and the user experience will have to be second-to-none.

Systems instead of pages. The focus will shift from building pages to building systems. With features like style guides, design systems and pattern libraries becoming a standard part of the web project process, it’s likely they could become the main deliverable. Fortunately, new JavaScript is here and adept at taking this on.

Native and web become interchangeable. The line between the two is already becoming blurred – we judge apps by their features rather than whether they are native or web. In fact, web apps have upped their game – look at Skype or Zencaster and the full range of features they offer, right there in the browser. The bottom line is that users will be looking for apps that do a good job, whether they are native or web won’t matter remotely.

Performance is everything. There will be zero tolerance for websites that don’t perform well. Users expect near-instant responses with a smooth, streamlined experience. Anything less will be cast aside.

HTML and CSS will remain essential skills. While the construction of HTML and the way it ends up in the DOM will move with the times, developers will still need to be able to structure HTML in a way that’s accommodating, and accessible as well as have an eye for what good HTML looks like. In the same way, the application of CSS is bound to evolve, but developers will still need to understand it and use it to tweak spacing, adjust typography and all the other tricks of the trade.

The competition will intensify. In response to the demand for excellent performance, we expect to see greater innovation in build processes. Automated tools will come to the fore, to facilitate tasks such as shipping our code to browsers. Build processes will adapt as web platform changes, and as this happens, standards will be raised.

We always have one eye on the future of the industry – working with us you can expect a forward-thinking team that knows how to get results. Contact us today for further information.

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