From April 4th through May 12th, we ran a survey among the crowdfunding business owners in the UK and Europe. Our main goal was to explore how companies use technology and how COVID-19 crisis impacted their operations.

crowdfunding industry report by justcoded

We got insight from debt, equity, and donation-based crowdfunding platforms that operate in France, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Ireland.

What you will learn
  • the positive and negative impact of COVID-19 crisis on crowdfunding platforms;
  • software type and how it correlates with company funding;
  • average number of deals and deal funding amount;
  • popular payment processing solutions;
  • advanced features and extra services offered by platforms;
  • opinion from the industry experts like Lemonway and Mangopay;
  • conclusion and observations.
crowdfunding industry report 2020 by justcoded

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