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We build impactful fintech solutions that transform the financial sector and promote sustainability

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Fintech and crowdfunding are our main areas of interest due to the endless innovation opportunities they offer.

To help this industry strive, we build tech solutions with our crowdfunding software, share knowledge with the community and conduct ongoing industry research.

LenderKit Signature crowdfunding software

LenderKit is a powerful tool we created to help regulated investment businesses launch crowdfunding and P2P lending platforms. It has essential core functionality to manage all crowdfunding processes, a marketing website to advertise the offerings and a possibility for endless customisations.

lenderkit crowdfunding platform software

CrowdSpace Crowdfunding hub & directory

CrowdSpace unites more than 300 crowdfunding platforms of all types that operate across the European Union and the UK. It allows potential investors and fundraiser to find the platform that matches their requirements and provides knowledge about crowdfunding and alternative financing.

bruno martins
Bruno Martins Technology Lead at GSMA

We had a hard deadline for the MVP of early March, which JustCoded met. They are a great company to work in Agile methodology with, adapt quickly, and have great attitudes when fixing issues that arise. They’re also helpful in finding solutions to help us out.

FinTech industries we work with

Real estate investment
Equity crowdfunding
P2P lending
Private placements
Payment solutions
FinTech marketing
Mobile money
Credit scoring

What we build for fintech

FinTech software development services

Fintech has become our domain of choice not by chance. We started focusing on the financial industry in 2015, and step by step, we developed our expertise in business processes, development of software and mobile applications, as well as fintech app design.

Today, we serve clients from various jurisdictions worldwide: EU, UK, MENA, USA, Singapore, Vietnam and others.

If you partner with our fintech app development company and hire fintech developers, our team would be glad to help you with a variety of tasks:

  • FinTech app development
  • FinTech web design
  • FinTech mobile app UX/UI design
  • FinTech platform development
  • FinTech consulting

Fintech challenges and how we solve them

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Financial regulations are among the strictest as they aim to protect consumers with different level of literacy in finance and ensure an appropriate level of services.

We are familiar with Fintech regulations in the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia and have built financial web and mobile apps that have successfully passed authorisation with the regulators.


Any fintech mobile app development company deals with various sensitive data and must comply with the highest security standards. Besides, integration with third-party services increases the risk of breaches and requires a special approach to handling potential vulnerabilities.

To protect businesses and clients’ data, we build fintech software, web and mobile app solutions using methods and processes that enhance security:

  • sophisticated data encryption;
  • secure architecture design;
  • advanced user authentication;
  • detailed activity logs;
  • role-based access control;
  • compliance with data protection protocols.

Scalability is sometimes disregarded at the early stages of fintech application development. It prevents the company from growing in the future as it’s quite expensive and time-consuming to implement scalable architecture at later stages.

As part of our fintech software, web and mobile app development services, we pay particular attention to your business objectives and identify how scalable the software should be.

Our partners in the fintech industry

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