Drupal, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Responsive Client:  Archello

Archello is a social network for architects. Our relationship started in 2011 and since then we've constantly been working on this Drupal website improving its layout and functionality. Currently, we are working on an exciting complete re-engineering of the website and are looking forward to launching a totally new version of it this year.

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The website is optimised and perfectly displayed on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.



- 750K Facebook fans, 31K Twitter followers
- 100K pageviews, 7K users per day on average
- 90K architect projects, 50K companies, 100K subscribers
- Global website + local sub-sites for 8 countries


Technical features:

- Boost cache
- APC PHP cache
- GEO filters
- Textual search with Apache Solr
- Different membership plans for companies
- Sophisticated spam-bots protection (hidden for visitors)
- Google analytics API integration for company profiles
- Embedding company pages to another sites (custom theme for embedded pages available)
- Numerous frontend effects like parallax effects, AJAX content loading, galleries, popups etc.


“JustCoded have been the lead programmers for several years now. In our experience they create in a clean and fast way well tested code in Drupal. It is refreshing to work with programmers that are not only straightforward in their approach but also proactive in looking for alternatives.” Martijn PostmusCEO, Archello