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Archello is a hub made up of Architects and designers, the visionaries behind everything around us in the built environment, creating the world’s cities, buildings and homes and determining the way we live, work and move. 


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Archello was built with Drupal 6. Back in the day, Drupal was a good solution and served its purpose well.

However, after its end of life announcement was made, together with Martijn we decided to move away from Drupal altogether and build a shiny new website with the Yii 2 PHP framework.

Drupal modules contain a lot of unnecessary functionality that slows down the core and make the website load much longer. Besides, extending the system to add new features takes much more time and effort than with Yii, and at times, specific components are impossible to implement with Drupal.


We started out with an existing Drupal platform, which we supported for some time and then rebuilt into a custom PHP platform using the Yii framework.

The challenge was to design a new platform architecture and ensure flexibility, expandability, and high system performance.

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A no. 1 network
for architects

In early 2013, we received a request from archello, a Canada/Netherland-based company, to develop a platform which connected architects and manufacturers. Their aim was to offer a platform for better professional collaboration, ultimately leading to better design, better buildings. We needed to translate their plans into a working framework to make a website exactly how they wanted it.

Architect's portfolio

By signing up as an architect you’ll be able to present your portfolio, which will also allow you to:

  • Show your projects in Archello’s popular Project Guide
  • Create an inspiring presentation with project photos, drawings and videos
  • Get featured on Archello’s homepage, Social channels and newsletters
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Project showcase

Architects can create different projects, which are filtered by program type, location, discipline, architectural style, construction type, and more.

What else?

  • share spec knowledge with others and learn from the choices other architects make;
  • invite team members to your firm page;
  • show who they worked with: connect involved brands to projects;
  • grow followers, keep the architecture community up to date by publishing the latest work.
Archello project showcase
Product selector

It’s what helps architects find the best products for their next project and connect directly with the manufacturer.

Manufacturers can monitor the performance of their brand:

  • look at real-time stats, per period, per item, totals;
  • learn what content architects engage the most with and benefit from a full management system for reps;
  • manage activities and leads via an easy-to-use system and receive monthly reports.

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Archello product selector
News and events

Several sections on Archello advertise upcoming design and architecture events around the world.

One of them comes from Archello’s insightful How It’s Made online segment, where architects can discover multiple stories, from the architect to the manufacturer, about the same project.

At the How It’s Made Exhibit visitors get the chance to see these stories in real life. Each product sample is shown alongside a reference project in which you can see how it can be applied in a project.

All things tech


The new Archello runs with Amazon S3 and uses Amazon Lambda, a serverless computing system that provides continuous scaling and lets you save on server management.


Image performance is enhanced with Imgix. It’s an image processing CDN that serves optimised images quickly to any device. Archello is loaded with tons of images, so Imgix has a significant role in website speed and performance.

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Social login

Allowing users to log in with Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin other social network is a matter of courtesy these days, improves conversion and merely is user-friendly – and Archello has this too.

Other third-party integrations

  • SendGrid for email marketing and management.
  • Google API for Google Maps, Place Autocomplete, ReCaptcha etc.).
  • Video API (Youtube and Vimeo).
  • GeoIP2 with MaxMind.
Technical details
  • Yii 2 Framework
  • Social login
  • Enhanced image performance with Imgx
  • AWS Lambda hosting
  • SendGrid for email marketing and management
  • Google API for Google Maps, Place Autocomplete, ReCaptcha, Google Places
  • TomTom Map
  • Video API: YouTube and Vimeo
  • GeoIP2 with MaxMind
  • Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook
martijn postmus from archello
Martijn Postmus CEO at Archello

JustCoded needed to translate our plans into a working framework to make a website exactly how we wanted it. They're the builders and the engine behind the platform. We have a solid project management system and can see if everything’s up to date, so I know what I’m paying for.

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