Ideas and technology work together well only when there is a clear agreement between them. We reach this agreement by carefully analysing the business from various angles: challenges, competitors, user needs, technical limitations. By translating the findings into a roadmap, we ensure that there is a proper plan in place and a visible summit to reach.

business analysis services


Business analysts are tech-savvy specialists with great attention to detail who gather business requirements through a series of calls or emails. Starting our with business analysis services helps you understand the real scope of work, get an accurate budget estimation and avoid unnecessary risk during the development stage.

business analysis services


We start with the initial free call followed up with a proper project discovery stage where we ask a lot of questions, audit any existing software or specs, and closely communicate with you and your team.
On average, business analysis lasts from 4 to 8 weeks. As a result, we get a complete understanding of what you are aiming to build, while you get a set of deliverables ready to be used in the development stage.

  • Research documents
  • Point of view document
  • Functionality specs
  • Feature list
  • User flows
  • Diagrams
  • Wireframes

What you can expect

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The initial business analysis and consulting are all about you.

The goal of our business analyst services is to understand how you envision your solution, what market gap or business needs you are trying to close, and how the solution will bring you profit.

Besides, we learn about the users who will use your product.

You understand your niche and business better than we do. That’s why we will appreciate your active involvement at every stage of the process to make sure we are on the same page.


Now that we understand your goal, we’ll go into details.

At this stage, we are still in need of your active involvement. You will have a series of calls with the business analyst to cover the points that would become the basis for the feature specification.

Normally, we start out by gathering just enough requirements to be able to produce their visual representation in the form of diagrams and wireframes.


Having some tangible assets, we will be able to have a more efficient conversation with you in order to clarify each and every feature.

Here are some possible questions that we cover when we provide our business analysis consulting services:

  • How will the user access the feature?
  • What does the feature need to do?
  • What needs to happen next?
  • Who will receive notifications?
  • What information needs to be tracked?

The deliverable of this process is a requirements specification that is ready to move forward with the implementation stage.

Our team will be happy to assist you with implementation and the process may have less friction since the business analyst is always here to clarify something to programmers.

Note: you are not obliged to build your digital product with us and are free to take the specs to another company.

Jop De Bakker CEO, Silo35

The contributions from the JustCoded team ensured the finished platform is high quality and well thought-out. They are flexible and knowledgeable, helping to build a fit-for-purpose solution while providing excellent suggestions and ideas.

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What we will talk about:
  • you and your business needs;
  • current plans, ideas, and strategy;
  • possible solution to your business challenge.

Describe your business requirements in enough details so we could understand your goal better.

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