Constant change is the key for adjusting to ever-evolving market demands, trends, and new technology. After you released your digital solution to the market, we’d be happy to continue improving it and providing post-launch support.

Support services at JustCoded


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Product consulting

Now that it’s been around for some time and received feedback from your target audience, it’s time to make improvements. There’s no need for a full-scale product discovery after you’ve launched the MVP because we already understand the context and know a lot about your product.

Our main goal for product consulting in the post-MVP stage is to help you find the bottlenecks, suggest technical solutions and advise on potentially beneficial functionality.

On-going development

The most efficient way to work on new features of your digital product after the initial launch is sticking with the dedicated team that you started working with.

This way you save time and effort because the developers are familiar with the project, know exactly how it’s been coded and can oversee possible tech issues or limitations.

Post-launch development also includes technical support for minor issues within service level agreements to ensure the overall health of your digital solution.

UX and UI improvements

Customer expectations go hand in hand with emerging trends. Our designers will make sure the product you built stays visually appealing while being user-friendly and as hassle-free as possible.

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