Online investment websites development

We build custom investment platforms for startups and enterprise businesses, integrate them with third-party services and payment gateways and deliver a custom solution tailored to your specific requirements.

What we do

Online investing comes in several shapes and is also referred to as alternative financing. The most common types are:

  • P2P lending
  • Real estate
  • Medical
  • Microloans
  • Equity
  • Reward and
  • Invoice
Crowdfunding and lending platforms features

Although crowdfunding and lending platforms are different, they have the most essential features in common that we can develop:

  • Automated lending process
  • Loan origination/management
  • KYC and AML checks
  • Investment portfolio
  • Transaction management
  • Investor and borrower dashboards

It can be a website as well as a mobile application. In any case, our team ensures that you get a stable secure product with robust performance, security, and scalability.

How we develop online investment platforms

Strategy and design

Strategy and design

Every project is unique.

To create an online investment platform, we gather the requirements and carefully analyse the client’s desired business flow.

Then we create a prototype and design the interface with human-centred approach in mind. Always.

Product development

Product development

We use agile methodology for online investment platform development.

It means that the whole process is transparent from start to finish and you get to see something tangible every 2 weeks.

Our developers use best practices to deliver reliable and secure software on time, and our QA specialists make sure everything works as it should.

Product growth and support

Product growth and support

After the launch of your online investment platform, we don’t just stop and say goodbye. Together, we grow and improve your business by implementing new features and providing ongoing support.

Our tech stack

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