JustCoded scholarship program for college students

A famous quote says that knowledge is power. At JustCoded, we always strive to gain new expertise, expand the existing knowledge, and learn new technology because it gives us the power to become stronger as a company and generate new ideas.

Why we do it

This year, we decided that after more than ten years of painstaking work in the field of web development, it’s high time that we started making a difference and empower other people in pursuing their goals. It's not the first time for our company to help those in need, but it’s the first time we’re willing to help receive education and provide web design and web development scholarships for students.

The digital world is expanding every day bringing to life new technology and changing our lifestyle. We love innovations and hope that our scholarship program for college will help somebody make a difference in other people lives too.

About the scholarship

The scholarship is a $1,000 grant for high school students who are willing to study in the field of programming, web development, and web design.

At JustCoded, we're particularly mad about JavaScript technology, and we will be happy if you share our passion too.

Scholarship details

  • Amount: $1,000, to be sent directly to the winner

  • Deadline: 5th January 2019

  • Study in: USA, United Kingdom

  • Field of study: Web Development and Web Design

  • Number of awards available: One


We’re open to high school seniors and college students of any gender, age, and nationality because education should have no limits. A few eligibility requirements to get a scholarship for college:

  • You should be currently enrolled at a college or university in a field of Computer Science, Technology and/or Mathematics.
  • Residing in the US or the United Kingdom.
  • Must be a graduating senior of a public or accredited private high school.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA.

How to apply

Fill out the form

To apply for the scholarship, provide some personal details so we could get in touch with you (not to be disclosed – we promise!)

Attach a cover letter

Showcase your academic interests and achievements and tell us what inspires you most in the field of web development.

get a review

We will check your submission and get in touch. Be cool and creative – and the grant for high school seniors is yours!

Apply now

How we review the applications

Please meet Konstantin Boyko – CEO and the visionary of JustCoded. He’s the one who drives the company forward with his bold ideas and a solid commitment to success and growth.

Konstantin has got an eye for talent so it’s him who will review your applications, evaluate achievements, and grant the web development scholarship to the student who is genuinely passionate with the world of IT and web development and can prove it with some exciting ideas or pet projects.

Briefly about JustCoded

We’re a web development company with offices in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

For the past ten years, we managed to build a strong team of like-minded people who come to work not only for money but to share their knowledge, experience and do something meaningful. We develop various solutions for many industries and have recently focused our interest on FinTech.

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Application form

Give us a link to your personal projects e. g. GitHub portfolio
Tell us about your academic interests, achievements, and career aspirations.

Upload your short essay: “What is the most inspiring thing for you in the web development world and why?”

Please fill in the requested fields