Sustainable investing software development

Helping you build financial solutions that enable sustainable and inclusive societies.

Trending niches for impact investing

Solar power plants
Photovoltaic parks
Off-grid systems
Wind farms
SME funding in developing economies
Local community support
Places of worship
Charity & education

Impactful solutions for sustainable finance, ESG crowdfunding and beyond

Green crowdfunding platforms

Environmental crowdfunding platforms and renewable energy crowdfunding projects are gaining popularity among investors looking to ‘greenify’ their investment portfolio and make their money impact our societies positively.

Using our signature software, our developers experienced in digital development for Fintech will help you launch a platform for sustainable finance that helps bring green services and products to life.

sustainable investing platform development
Sustainable investing solutions

Bring sustainability to your investment firm by providing your clients with modern ESG investing tools, robo-advisors, climate impact scoring solutions and ESG indices for informed investment decisions.

Sustainable investing software development doesn’t have to be difficult. With a variety of existing third-party solutions, it’s possible to create an MVP in a short period of time.

We will help you integrate the necessary tools into your existing environment or build one from scratch and connect it with ESG investing data and reports.

esg investing platform development
Impact investing platform development

Governments worldwide adopt growth and regulatory strategies to transition their economies towards sustainable development and green finance.

This transition may require expanding the financing of environmental and social projects and encouraging investors to fund initiatives that help the world’s most pressing problems.

Building a sustainable investment platform is also a great way to stand out from the rest of online investment offerings and attract a particular audience. We built platforms of this kind before and would be glad to suggest a working solution for your investment business!

Sustainable investment platform development
Social investing platform development

Funding social projects and initiatives makes us feel good because we realise our direct impact on the lives of real people with real challenges.

Crowdfunding impact investing platforms help raise funds for various causes like medical treatment, school construction, emergency support, refugee help and others.

Our impact investing software development team can help you build such a platform and provide a convenient way to manage it regardless of the fundraising type.

impact investing platform development
Gavriel Landau CEO & Founder, Charm Impact

Compared to other development teams I’ve worked with, JustCoded tried to understand our company's nuances and provide useful advice based on our brief rather than giving generic advice. Their developers bought into our mission, and they now understand what we’re trying to create as a company and then work from there.

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