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In 2007, three friends with a great passion for all things tech and an itch for challenges started a small web-development company. The Internet was way simpler, and technology was just starting to take over the way we live. Through thick and thin, with plenty of rough patches, that small company managed to evolve and grow.

Today, we are more than 80 and we are not just coding. We create digital solutions and drive technology-enabled innovation in financial services.

Who we are

We embrace change and are constantly evolving. We push and elevate each other with the shared goal of doing awesome work. We take pride in the quality of our work and put our hearts into everything we do.

Who we are
justcoded goals and values
justcoded goals and values

Goals & Values

Innovation Keeping our eyes open for promising technology and niches.
Honesty With each other, with clients, and with ourselves.
Teamwork Common effort and shared responsibility for the result we deliver.
Accountability Acknowledging mistakes and finding ways to fix them.
Quality Not quantity.


Serg Soshin Chief Operating Officer
Serg Soshin
Konstantin Boyko Chief Executive Officer
Konstantin Boyko
Alex Prokopenko Chief Technical Officer
Alex Prokopenko
Margarita Lapteva Chief Financial Officer
Margo Lapteva
Igor Slinko Delivery Director
Igor Slinko
Alina Seredenko FinTech Strategist
Alina Seredenko JustCoded
Nikita Perzhanovskiy FinTech Strategist
Nikita Perzhanovskiy
Uliana Halchun Senior Project Manager
Uliana Halchun
Daria Korobkina QA Lead
Daria Korobkina
Stas Gurin Frontend Lead
Stas Gurin
Karina Kurilenko Senior Account Manager
Karina Kurilenko JustCoded
Philip Volna Product Marketing Specialist
Phil Volna JustCoded

Open positions Join our fampany!

Every successful project, every line of code and every happy customer has a bunch of people behind it. They work together and take pride in what they do. These are the people at JustCoded. If you think that you are similar to us – feel free to join our growing team!

Company life

justcoded company life
justcoded company life
justcoded company life
justcoded company
justcoded company life
justcoded company life
justcoded company life
justcoded company life

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