Crowdfunding platform design & development

Alternative finance tools for equity crowdfunding, P2P lending and investment marketplaces

crowdfunding platform design and development

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Lenderkit crowdfunding software

LenderKit is our specialised software for alternative finance platforms. It has a strong foundation with investment and repayment flows, advanced user management and configuration capabilities.

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How to create a successful crowdfunding platform?

Design and usability

A crowdfunding platform is a financial tool in the first place, so in addition to an appealing interface, it should convey the proper message that your audience can relate to and give the feeling of trustworthiness.

Green energy and real estate crowdfunding platforms will have totally different looks with individual visual triggers, so it’s crucial to get to know your potential clients in detail.

crowdfunding platform design
Investor categorisation

Most financial regulators require investors to be clearly categorised based on their experience and investing capacity:

  • high-net-worth individuals
  • professional investors
  • self-certified sophisticated investors
  • retail investors

This helps not only comply with the regulatory requirements but onboard investors more efficiently and protect your business by knowing who exactly you are dealing with.

crowdfunding platform investor categorization
Automated investment & crowdfunding flows

Automation is what gives your crowdfunding platform a competitive edge and reduces overhead for tasks that are usually handled manually:

  • customer verification;
  • client status update;
  • repayments;
  • wallet top-up;
  • withdrawal of funds.

These and other processes happen under the hood and require only minimal intervention from investors, borrowers, or a platform manager.

crowdfunding platform investment flow
Back-office management

A back-office is the heart of a crowdfunding platform. Everything that happens on the platform automatically reflects in the back-office and can be managed, adjusted and analysed:

  • investor and borrower onboarding;
  • new campaigns or campaign applications;
  • suspicious activities;
  • failed client verifications;
  • successfully funded campaigns;
  • wallet top-up or repayments.

Besides, a platform admin should be able to easily find any user, manage access permissions of each staff member, configure security settings or create investments on behalf of investors if needed.

crowdfunding platform management
External services

Creating custom functionality may not be always possible due to budget or timeline restrictions. Besides, there are lots of services that have polished their functionality and allow integrating it in your crowdfunding platform via an API:

  • payment gateways;
  • CRMs;
  • accounting tools;
  • SMS services;
  • analytics and BI;
  • KYC and AML providers;
  • reporting services;
  • credit scoring systems.
crowdfunding platform external services

Our approach to crowdfunding platform development

We have built crowdfunding platforms of various size and complexity for a number of niches around the world: real estate, green energy, SMEs, art, sustainability. To develop a crowdfunding platform, we use a unified approach regardless of the project size.

crowdfunding platform design and development
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Understanding your business strategy

Even though it seems like we’ve seen it all, every business is different. Our goal is to get a shared understanding of what you are trying to accomplish so that we could suggest the most suitable solution for your specific needs and budget.

Defining unique business flows

The way you manage investors or prefer monitoring crowdfunding campaigns may be different from how the other crowdfunding platform do it. We will make sure to document all specific paths and user stories that reflect your business idea.

Using specialised software

LenderKit is our proprietary software for regulated investment businesses. It has everything to launch an MVP crowdfunding platform and to further customise it per your specific business requirements.

Providing regulatory compliance advice

We have experience with crowdfunding regulations around the world and are familiar with the jurisdictions of the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the European Union. If you need advice on licensing your crowdfunding platform, we’d be happy to connect you with a legal advisor from your specific location.

Ensuring successful launch & ongoing support

Just like any digital product, crowdfunding platforms evolve introducing new features to clients or adjusting to the changes from the financial regulators. Our team of niche experts will help you go to market and assist with any technical tasks you may require in the future.

uma rajah
Uma Rajah CEO, CapitalRise

It is a pleasure to work with the JustCoded team. We appreciate the quality of their work and the effort they put in. They are reliable, helpful and prepared to go the extra mile when required. As a result, they feel more like an extended part of our team than a supplier.

Insight into crowdfunding platform development

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