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  • Canada Country
  • Shoes & apparel Industry
  • Magento eCommerce store Type

The Nero Bianco Group is a Quebec based company that owns several shoe stores selling shoes and accessories since 1984. We helped them build a fully-functioning online store with Magento 2, implementing a new design and adding a few features for better user experience.


Create a fully-functioning online store with the ability to buy products online.


The previous website of Nero Bianco was a showcase without the option to actually buy shoes. We built a Magento 2 online store that allows customers to either buy products online or pick up them from the real store if that suits them.

Nero Bianco – website screenshots

The client provided us with the design which we implemented in Magento 2 and did a few customisations. There’s custom filtering on product listing pages that looks more natural to customers, a FAQ page with most common questions, and a bit altered checkout flow to reflect extra shipping options (pick-up from store).

Nero Bianco – homepage
Product page
Nero Bianco – product page
Shopping cart
Nero Bianco – shopping cart
Technical details
  • Magento 2
  • JavaScript

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