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YII 2, MySQL, ReactJS, HTML Client:  Silo35

Focus is a safety management platform that helps municipalities reduce the risk of incidents in the city that often cause significant damage. Using a scoring model, it allows the stakeholders to map the largest risks, make it clear who is working on what, and understand what object requires the most attention.


How it works:

Focus platform collects all data in a well-arranged dashboard, which gives insight into what has to be monitored in a particular area. A tailor-made scoring model allows to compare risks, rank them by the impact and assign to-do’s. The intuitive interface makes it very easy to understand where attention is required.
focus focus


    Focus is about making a difference. So far, the platform has helped the Port of Amsterdam to manage safety more efficiently, made it possible for the De Alliantie housing association to tackle the mold problem, and assisted the municipality of Amsterdam with better insight into the city fire safety.


“JustCoded helped us improve the quality of our end product. I can't measure it in terms of the number of visitors or better performance, but they added to the quality compared to what we initially came up with.” Jop de BakkerSilo35