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Property investment platform Client:  Shojin

Shojin is a UK based property investment platform that provides co-investing and equity funding for property developers. It’s integrated with a Difitek back office, offers tools to submit a project or invest in an existing one, provides a straightforward funding process, secure payment transactions.



The website is optimized and perfectly displayed on desktops, mobile, and tablet devices.


We have built a crowdfunding platform frontend and integrated it with Difitek back-office via API. It has KYC and AML offline checks implemented through MangoPay, integration with Contentful CMS, an interactive questionnaire for investors, and a nice Parallax animated construction site on the homepage.

Key features:

  • Offline KYC/AML checks via MangoPay
  • MangoPay e-wallets
  • Contentful CMS
  • Transactions through MangoPay gateway (credit cards and bank wire transfer)

Technical details:

  • Yii2 PHP framework
  • Bootstrap, JavaScript
  • Responsive layout
  • Parallax
  • Responsive and mobile optimization
  • Difitek backoffice
  • MangoPay payment gateway