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Real estate crowdfunding platform Client:  HOMEGROWN

Homegrown is a London based property investment company that provides a crowdfunding platform for investing with established property developers.

It has a Difitek powered backoffice, a personalized dashboard, transparent investment process, and secure convenient payment methods.



The website is optimized and perfectly displayed on desktops, mobile, and tablet devices.


We provide support for Homegrown platform and have integrated it with Autopilot CRM for better customer management as well as migrated it from a Difitek hosting to AWS (Amazon Web Services) for better performance.

Key features:

  • Autopilot integration
  • KYC status check via GBG
  • Customer referral system (£100 for each successful referral)
  • Affiliate program
  • Transactions through GCEN gateway (credit cards and bank wire transfer)

Technical details:

  • Symfony PHP framework
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive and mobile optimization
  • Difitek backoffice
  • Autopilot CRM integration
  • MangoPay payment gateway