Tech report on crowdfunding platforms 2021

Second in our series, this tech report on the crowdfunding platforms from the EU and the UK provides unique insight into how alternative finance businesses use technology and what challenges they face.

crowdfunding platform tech report 2021

This time, we went deeper into payment reconciliation and user identity verification at crowdfunding platforms. Besides,  we touched base on blockchain, sustainability and customer acquisition challenges.

What's inside
  • detailed overview of platforms by business model, user types, and sectors;
  • analysis of regulatory authorisation and its relation to crowdfunding platform type and country of operation;
  • overview of software used by platforms;
  • client money management and KYC verification;
  • sustainability practices implemented by platforms;
  • marketing challenges from customer acquisition to regulatory compliance;
  • advanced features, blockchain usage and tech challenges.
crowdfunding industry report 2021 stats
What's unique

There are plenty of reports analysing the crowdfunding industry from many angles; however, none of those reports investigates the technical aspect of running a crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding and alternative finance platforms are fintechs, and technology is what drives them forward and makes financing accessible to a broader audience.

The data we gathered about crowdfunding tech will help platforms see where they can do better and hint technology providers where they can help better.

crowdfunding industry report 2021 statistics

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