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Nikita Gresev
Nikita Gresev
UX Designer


Nick is head of the UX and UI department.

He oversees everything we design for our clients and ensures the result is not only nice but also makes sense and applicable for real-life situations.

His ability to create mixes well with his scientific background (Physics, no jokes) allowing him to justify his decisions in a clear and comprehensive way.
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14 minutes to read
Custom real estate website design: 10 best practices to nail it

What’s the difference between a good design and a great design? If you’re building a real estate website, you’ll find some valuable advice on getting it to look right and bring you value.

web design user testing Design
9 minutes to read
Importance of web design user testing for your current or future projects

User testing is what allows you to make amends and fixes before the wide audience see your product in action and get frustrated. Find out what methods and approaches you can use to get valuable insight.

7 minutes to read
Benefits of using empathy maps in UX design

An empathy map is a powerful tool to use in UX design as well as in business service design. Find out how to use this approach and build better digital solutions.

how to build a custom trading website design Design
11 minutes to read
How to build a custom trading website design?

Trading websites are not those boring pages stuffed with numbers anymore. The industry responds to market needs and to a growing number of younger traders that are keen to learn the ropes. Find out how to make your trading company website look great and do the job.

12 minutes to read
Wireframe, mockup and prototype — what’s the difference?

All these wireframe, mockup and prototype terms sound really confusing and even designers don’t always agree what is what. We decided to explain the difference and show enough examples.

benefits of crowdfunding for investors Design
12 minutes to read
10 best practices to improve your website design: why and how

Good design is not just beautiful, but also useful. Good web design is even more than that: modern look, friendly interaction, cross-device performance. How to achieve all of that? We’ve got some tips!

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