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Konstantin Boyko
Konstantin Boyko CEO
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Since January of 2014 we have been building a successful partnership with StartupCommons (a member of GrowVC group) – a global, non-profit, developing startup ecosystems with shared platforms, knowledge and data, to help create & accelerate growth in efficient and transparent way. The platform they provide to the customers is an SAAS-solution which allows different players from startup ecosystem (startup accelerators, incubators, universities, crowdfunding portals, investor networks and many others) to easily setup their own community and manage their business processes in an effective way. As a development partner, we both participate in the core development of the platform and work on customer-requested features.

The technologies which are used in the development are as follows:

  • Symfony 1.4 PHP framework (the software was built a few years ago and is now being rebuilt with newer technologies, while the current platform still works for existing customers)
  • Symfony 2.3 PHP framework (the new UI is built on top of newer version of the Symfony framework while the data is managed/retrieved via internal API)
  • jQuery library for front-end interactivity
  • LESS CSS pre-processor

We are looking forward to our continued cooperation with StartupCommons and taking part in the further development of this software.

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