Working arrangements at JustCoded during COVID-19 outbreak

Olga Okhrimenko
Olga Okhrimenko Marketing Manager
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justcoded working arrangements during coronavirus

Our development office is located in Ukraine, where the amount of coronavirus cases is low at the moment.

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has enforced a three-week nationwide quarantine in educational institutions and a ban on mass events on March 11th.

All of our employees in the Ukrainian office continue to go to work, and all projects are being developed as per their respective schedule. If an employee feels unwell, they stay home and work from home — cloud technologies rock.

Here’s what we do at the moment:

  • informed everybody in the office about precautionary and safety measures advised by WHO;
  • increased antibacterial hand sanitizer supply in the office;
  • installed bactericide units around the office;
  • avoiding handshakes;
  • disinfecting office floors with a certified disinfectant daily;
  • encouraging employees to stay home if they think they might be getting sick;
  • advising employees to stay home if they’ve come back from an overseas vacation.

Other than that, all members of our team continue working in a normal mode and are always ready to start working on a new project.

UPD from March 17

Ukrainian president enforced strict measures and we decided to allow the majority of our employees to work from home. Part of the company (around 30 people) still comes to the office. It’s the teams that work on big projects and need to communicate often and efficiently, they are mostly developers and team leads. We advise all of our employees against using public transportation and arranged car sharing for those who normally use subways and buses.

The rest of the employees work from home accessing the company’s servers and data through virtual private networks or cloud storage services.

So far so good, it’s work as usual and everything is fine.

Looks like digital transformation is going to spread way faster after we're done with the crisis, so feel free to reach out to us to discuss your business needs today.
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