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Glenhawk is a financial institution from London that provides short-term loans for several types of real estate:

  • commercial and semi-commercial
  • residential
  • refurbishment
  • 2nd charge

They differ from the rest of the lenders in the market. Having a strong capital base to lend, Glenhawk helps those looking to buy a new property, start property investment or refurbishment.

The company has an efficient credit approval process, no exit or admin fees, and requires no minimum income.


Since Glenhawk is growing rapidly and attracting a lot of press attention, they wanted to refresh their brand and update the website.

Now that the company has extended the range of their financial products, it was decided to reflect the brand values and character online. This will help the company communicate clear positioning to their clients and attract new businesses.


The Marketing Team at Glenhawk are familiar with WordPress, so we decided to use it again and build the new website.

One of the key requirements was the ease of use and room for customisation, and WordPress works great for that making it easy to maintain the website and introduce updates.

The design was provided by Daniel Foster, a freelance designer who works for the Glenhawk Marketing Team, whose primary requirement was a pixel-perfect implementation.

Glenhawk website screenshots
Project highlights

We started our work on the project from a kick-off Skype where we discussed the designs, required functionality and the behaviour of the specific elements.

After assessing the final scope, the Project Manager provided the roadmap with sprint deadlines and the communication plan. Every sprint lasted one or two weeks, and we demonstrated the progress after the completion of each sprint.

Glenhawk Homepage
Glenhawk story

This section was made into an animated slider highlighting the milestones and biggest achievements.

Glenhawk Investment
Loan calculator

Any borrower can calculate the approximate loan amount, additional cost and interest payable before they apply for a loan. Even though these numbers are indicative, they provide more confidence to a borrower as they understand what they are committing to.

Glenhawk Calculator
Responsive version
Glenhawk mobile
daniel foster
Daniel Foster Designer

The team from JustCoded is fast and always willing to provide helpful suggestions. There have been times where something may have been overlooked by our part and they are quick to point it out so we can make amends. They are very detailed in their feedback and breakdowns and they have a great eye for detail when it comes to matching the build to the design.

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