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All of us, this way or another, create memories for each other. The extraordinary approach of Rebel & Soul is something that we can relate to so we decided to reimagine memories by getting our client to think differently and using

Experiences are second to none when it comes to triggering emotions and making memories. In the digital age, real-life experiential marketing campaigns provide an incredible opportunity for brands to create significant, long-lasting impressions on consumers.

Especially, if done correctly.

Rebel & Soul is a young socially conscious neuro experience agency that crafts crafting unforgettable memories for brands, agencies and experience seekers like Heineken, HSBC and CNN, Dentsu and Octagon. The agency has a proprietary neuroscience methodology to create memorable brand experiences.


Since Rebel & Soul were creating a new industry niche, they wanted to create a new outstanding brand identity and a design that is simple, easy to use and educational from a user’s perspectives.

rebel & soul website screenshot
What we did

The best part about working with Rebel & Soul was that they already knew what they’d like to see on their new website and came up with the colour palette too.

We started out with 1 screenshot that the client provided to us in order to present their vision. From there, working in weekly sprints, we created wireframes for the rest of the pages and later built user interface on top.

Thanks to detailed and regular feedback, the process was streamlined, so we were able to approve all of the pages and prepare them for further development by a third-party tech company quite fast.

UX and UI

We decided to go with a minimalistic style and a user-friendly design. The accent colours are the main colours of Rebel & Soul brand identity.

Deep-emerald shades together with black and white create a calm and noble feeling, creating an impression of reliability and encouraging people to entrust the organisation of a memorable event.

rebel&soul - UX UI screenshot

Every part of our neural system is responsible for triggering certain memories. We decided to demonstrate it by creating a representation of the system that would fire memories on hover and show relevant case studies for that particular memory.

Rebel & Soul animation
Bright images

Deep-emerald shades together with black and white create a calm and noble feeling, creating an impression of reliability and encouraging people to entrust the organisation of a memorable event.

rebel & soul website screenshot
Tools we used
  • Business analysis
  • Interview and user research
  • Wireframing and prototyping in Sketch
  • Design presentation in Figma

The design we created projects these feelings while detailing important information about expertise and services and highlighting the brightest examples of Rebel&Soul’s work.

Now that the agency has got this design coded by their development team, they say that it wasn’t long before new prospects came enquiring about what they do.


sharon lewis
Sharon Lewis Strategy and Marketing, Rebel & Soul

JustCoded helped us push our design boundaries by getting us to think differently. We were also impressed with the efficiency of their process and their knowledge of the industry/new tech/new design trends.

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