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Anna Kravtsova
Anna Kravtsova
Marketing Specialist


Hanna was a Marketing Specialist with a focus on content creation, and now she's taking care of our PR and Employer Branding.

She's super creative and self-motivated in everything she does, be it a content strategy or event organisation. Besides, she knows how to shine the light and take advantage of certain opportunities to deliver the results right on time.
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6 minutes to read
How partnerships help you grow your business

Most people think of the business world as a ruthless environment where everyone tries to take advantage of somebody. What if you look from the other side and build partnerships that give benefit to each side?

8 minutes to read
Time and material vs fixed price: what to choose for your project?

Fixed price and time-and-materials are the two primary methods for business analysts to price the value of services provided to clients. In this article, we’ll explain how they differ and what we use when we develop solutions for our clients.

7 minutes to read
7 benefits of a website for your startup or small business

Now, when modern people spend about 8 hours a day on the Internet, influencing the way we live and work, any successful business should have a web presence.
Today we’ll tell how a website can help your well-established business or a startup.

9 minutes to read
How to create a high-conversion landing page for your website?

What a potential user sees on your landing page determines whether they are going to stay and eventually interact with your business. In this article, we’ll tell you what elements and features could help you convert visitors into leads.

8 minutes to read
How to integrate a payment gateway in a mobile app?

By 2021, mobile payment volume will grow up to a record high of 62%. If you still think about the integration of the payment system in your project, it’s time to act.

6 minutes to read
How to make a website for crowdfunding ICO?

According to statistics, business angels invest 5 times more into ICO projects than they do in traditional funding instruments.
Who knows, maybe it’s your time?

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