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Igor Berezhnoy
Igor Berezhnoy
Business Analyst


Igor is this guy who will never leave your question without a reply. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will take time to do his research and then will definitely get back to you with updates.

He is a Business Analyst for the majority of our FinTech projects related to crowdfunding platform development. Igor’s main task is to listen carefully. His second main task is to translate whatever he heard into a requirements specification that reflects a client’s idea and explains the tech implementation.

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kyc and aml difference Fintech
10 minutes to read
What is the difference between KYC and AML?

KYC and AML are crucial for any website that deals with the financial transactions online, be it a big bank or a crowdfunding platform.

7 minutes to read
Roadmap for digital product development: how it works?

Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. Learn how roadmaps help achieving milestones in product development and what tools can help track the progress.

3 minutes to read
How choosing the right payment provider can be a gamechanger for your online investment business

An overview of Goji Investments – an ISA manager from the UK that improves financial transaction processing and makes the difference.

8 minutes to read
Top 5 payment gateways for crowdfunding platforms

While WePay can process numerous payment requests offering modern Apple and Android Pay options, there are plenty of other crowdfunding payment solutions that cannot be ignored.

10 minutes to read
How to create your own crowdfunding platform?

It has never been a better time to join the party and try your hand in the crowdfunding business. In this article, we will clear it up and explain how to start a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter!

7 minutes to read
The art of scaling up: how to tell you’ve outgrown your white-label crowdfunding solution

White-label or SaaS solution is great to launch your crowdfunding platform quickly. Scaling it further may be a challenge due to various limitations. Find out if moving to a custom solution is for you.

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