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Anna Kravtsova
Anna Kravtsova
Marketing Specialist


Hanna was a Marketing Specialist with a focus on content creation, and now she's taking care of our PR and Employer Branding.

She's super creative and self-motivated in everything she does, be it a content strategy or event organisation. Besides, she knows how to shine the light and take advantage of certain opportunities to deliver the results right on time.
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Real estate
9 minutes to read
Digital transformation in real estate: what you can implement today

94% of medium-sized organizations have either developed a digital transformation strategy or are in the process of developing it. Find out the options that could work for your real estate business.

8 minutes to read
Mobile-first web design. Why is it important in 2020?

In 2019 mobile-friendly pages are able to generate up to 30% of traffic, while desktop version design is to experience only 20%. How to be trendy and increase the amount of traffic? Our answer is designing for the smallest screen and working your way up.

magento vs woocommerce Tech
14 minutes to read
Magento vs WooCommerce. What platform to choose in 2020?

Choosing is always hard. Choosing between Magento and WooCommerce is no easy task either, but let us help you here.

7 minutes to read
How to improve your website UX with UX audit?

According to the HubSpot survey, 68% of business owners got a website redesign done in the last 12 months. So maybe is it time to think about UX audit?

how to distribute roles in your startup Business
7 minutes to read
Jack of all trades: how to distribute the roles in your startup

What is a micromanager syndrome? Today we are talking about how to properly distribute roles in a startup and why the “50/50 formula is not an option anymore.

6 minutes to read
How partnerships help you grow your business

Most people think of the business world as a ruthless environment where everyone tries to take advantage of somebody. What if you look from the other side and build partnerships that give benefit to each side?

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