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Sabina Reminskaya
Sabina Reminskaya
Business Development Manager


Sabina is part of our Business Development team and takes care of the potential projects at the early stages. She's extremely empathetic and curious to learn the tiny business aspects behind every company and startup she communicates with. In this blog, she writes reviews and tips on building various solution for Travel, Hospitality, Real Estate and FinTech sector.
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how to market a crowdfunding platform Business
10 minutes to read
How to market a crowdfunding platform [7 best strategies]

Marketing a crowdfunding platform is a bit different from marketing other digital services. Find out what tools you can use to cater to your crowdfunding platform audience and what worked for successful crowdfunding companies.

real estate automation tools Real estate
9 minutes to read
5 best tools for your real-estate business automation

The real estate market gave up the paperwork long ago and made a technological breakthrough back in 2018. Anything that can be automated must be automated. Today we talk about real estate automating tools.

11 minutes to read
Guide for building a grocery delivery application

Explore the killer features that one of the most renowned grocery delivery services use to make up a list of unique functionality for your own app.

12 minutes to read
Creating the best medical and healthcare website design

A great website adds credibility and trust to healthcare services that your clinic or practice offers. Find out what you could incorporate in it to make patients feel they are going to receive the top-quality care.

10 minutes to read
10 key features of an e-learning platform

Plan to start an online education platform? Explore the way e-learning platforms evolve and note down the features that help them win the users.

Real estate
10 minutes to read
What is co-living and why it solves the urban housing problem?

Co-living is the new trend in real estate these days as co-living spaces attract the young generation by offering affordable accommodation as well as specialised communities. Find out how it works and get inspired by successful co-living startups.

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