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We like FinTech and we know technology. Let’s join our forces — with your idea and our technical expertise we’ll build a top-notch financial application.

Fintech web and mobile development

Financial world goes digital, and we are glad to be involved.

If you start working with us, you don’t just hire fintech developers — you hire solution partners.

We have solid knowledge of FinTech trends, continuously learn, attend professional conferences and speak the same business language as you do.

Our FinTech department is a team of talented business analysts, designers, backend and frontend developers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists who create financial technology solutions that beat the market.

FinTech solutions

We focus on several FinTech domains:

White-label crowdfunding solutions
FinTech consulting services
White-label crowdfunding solutions

What we do

Starting a new FinTech project means bringing together a team of specialists with engineering mindset, design thinking, and desire to reach the common goal.

Our finTech expertise includes:

  • Personal finance solutions
  • KYC/AML integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Transaction security
  • Management boards
  • Process automation

Online investment platforms

Easy and safe investing using just a laptop is not future. It’s today, and we’re the guys who help creating it.

We work with startups and SMEs to build custom online investment platforms for real estate, art, education, peer-to-peer lending and other sectors.

Starting with requirement gathering and design, our team develops secure and reliable equity or debt-based platforms that have appealing looks, rich functionality, and transaction safety.

Combined with our fintech mobile app development services, an online investment platform becomes a solid foundation for your successful business.

Online investment platform development

White-label crowdfunding solutions

Financial application development made easy.

If you need to build your crowdfunding website fast and cut down the cost, we got you covered.

Our white-label crowdfunding software is a pre-built system that can be branded and customised for your specific business needs.

It works with all crowdfunding types and business models and allows implementing your idea faster:

White-label crowdfunding solutions
FinTech consulting

FinTech consulting

Our expertise is not limited by our technical skills.

Having dozens of FinTech projects built, we can provide you with expert advice on how to get started, what to pay attention to, what to keep in mind, and how much it will cost.

At the end of the day, it’s not just technology. The business you’re launching is a product or a service to be used by people.

If you are a startup, we will advise on engagement strategies of your new business, suggest product features and the right tools.


Real estate crowdfunding

A property investing and crowdfunding platform. Features sophisticated KYC/AML checks to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing. The website is fully responsive and works great on various devices, OS, and browsers.

See full case study
Real estate crowdfunding platform development


Equity crowdfunding platform

Homegrown is a London based property investment company for whom we built a crowdfunding platform for investing with established property developers. It features a personalised dashboard, transparent investment process, and secure convenient payment methods.

See full case study
Equity crowdfunding platform development


Property investment platform

A UK based property investment platform that provides co-investing and equity funding for property developers. Shojin is integrated with Difitek back-office, offers tools to submit a project or invest in an existing one, provides a straightforward funding process, and secure payment transactions.

See full case study
Property investment platform development

Our FinTech partners

Goji: a UK-based and FCA regulated payment solution

It's a modular cloud-based direct lending technology. As a fully regulated ISA manager with bank-grade security, Goji seamlessly integrates into P2P lending platforms. You can go to market much quicker, allow your customers to get their funds invested as soon as possible, and offer them 24/7 access to the investment portfolios.

Lemon Way: simply and efficiently handle transactions between the players in your ecosystem

Lemon Way is a pan-European FinTech dedicated to marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, e-commerce websites and other companies looking for payment processing, wallet management and third-party payment in a KYC/AML - regulated framework. Lemon Way obtained its payment institution licence at the end of 2012 and benefits from the " EU financial passport" in 29 countries. The company employs 70 people from 14 different nationalities based in Paris (HQ), London, Madrid, Milano.

Difitek: smart FinTech applications with an API-based back-office

Difitek is an infrastructure company that provides the mechanism to bring the investing and lending processes into the digital world. It works with more than 100 clients all over the world, offers bank grade security and constantly expands the list of integrated services. Difitek has no long term commitments and works on pay per use basis.

MangoPay: ultimate payment solution for crowdfunding platforms

Getting a reliable payment solution is vital for a crowdfunding business.

MangoPay offers all the necessary features to set up payments on your crowdfunding platform: e-wallet creation, automatic fee collection, payer refunds and more. At the same time, it provides essential security functionality to keep your business safe: AML and KYC checks, real-time anti-fraud rules, 3D secure.

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