Need a secure crowdfunding, P2P lending or real estate investment platform? Search no longer!

We build financial applications, P2P lending and crowdfunding solutions with such important features as KYC, AML, ID identification to help your business grow. Let’s grow yours!

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Difitek Back-office

Smart FinTech applications with Difitek back-office

Difitek (formerly known as Crowd Valley) is an infrastructure company that provides the mechanism to bring the investing and lending processes into the digital world.

It works with more than 100 clients all over the world, offers bank grade security and constantly expands the list of integrated services. Difitek has no long term commitments and works on pay per use basis.

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How it works

Difitek provides a cloud back-office and an API – and we use it to build the whole platform.

The platform includes a user front-end part that works on all desktop and mobile devices, has a friendly interface with best usability practices implemented, and constantly communicates with Difitek API to retrieve and store information.

Users will land on your site where they can sign up, check the offerings, invest into the projects they like and manage those investments.

Using our programming magic, we will send all the information about what users do on the site to the back office through the Difitek API, where it will be securely stored and ready for future review and processing.

How it works Difitek

What you get


Powerful back-office to manage users, offerings, investments, repayment transactions.


Compliance workflows, due diligence process, and audit logs.


KYC/AML, ID verification, credit score, investor accreditation, payments.


Secure data storage and data exchange.


User-friendly and visually attractive front-end.


Content management system – be flexible with what you publish and how it looks.

Let’s get your FinTech idea rolling

We offer three options for your FinTech project with Difitek back-office, ranging from basic to fully customised.

Quick Start

Fast time to market crowdfunding platforms with streamlined business logic
quick start

Build a secure crowdfunding system with our predefined theme powered by a reliable back-office and packed with essential features.

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Get your MVP launched under 3 months with a customised front end design

Jumpstart your business with a fully customised front-end platform, standard crowdfunding workflow and reliable support.

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A fully-fledged crowdfunding platform tailored to your business flow

Powerful solution with unique design and custom developed workflow to match every tiny aspect of your crowdfunding business.

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Bespoke lending and crowdfunding applications

We will dive into all the tiny details of your financial business, gather and investigate the requirements, and come up with the right architecture setup for further technical implementation of your project.

We use PHP, Yii, Laravel, and Angular.js for our FinTech applications.

Lending and crowdfunding platforms we build are flexible and cope well with high-load traffic.

Crowdfunding Applications
Why Invest With Us?

Feature highlights

  • Credit score management
  • KYC and AML
  • ID verification
  • Financial statistics and reports
  • Personal finance management
  • Support of multiple accounts
  • Account tracking
  • Data security
  • Transaction management

Let’s get in touch and discuss your project in detail - the world of digital finance needs you!