Fintech web and mobile app development services

We like FinTech and we know technology. Let’s join our forces — with your idea and our technical expertise we’ll build a top-notch financial application.

FinTech development and design

If you start working with us, you don’t just hire fintech developers — you hire solution partners. We have a solid knowledge of FinTech trends, continuously learn, attend professional conferences and speak the same business language as you do.

Here’s what we do:

  • FinTech app development
  • FinTech web design
  • FinTech mobile app UX/UI design
  • FinTech platform development
  • FinTech consulting

Expertise you can count on

Starting a new FinTech project means bringing together a team of specialists with an engineering mindset, design thinking, and desire to reach the common goal.

Our FinTech expertise includes:

  • Personal finance solution
  • KYC/AML integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Transaction security
  • Investment management boards
  • Process automation

Fintech solutions

We’ve built our expertise in the domain of alternative lending that opens up both funding and investment opportunities for SMEs, established companies, and individuals.

Online investment platforms

We work with startups and established financial businesses to build custom online investment platforms for real estate, art, education, peer-to-peer lending and other sectors.

Our FinTech development services start with requirement gathering and design. Based on that, our development team builds secure and reliable equity or debt-based platforms that have appealing looks, rich functionality, and transaction safety.

Combined with our FinTech mobile app development services, an online investment platform becomes a solid foundation for your successful business.

Online investment platforms
White-label crowdfunding solutions

Financial application development made easier.

If you need to build your crowdfunding website fast and cut down the cost, we got you covered with LenderKit – our in-house built framework for crowdfunding platforms.

This white-label crowdfunding software is a ready-to-use solution that we can style up and customise for your specific business flows.

It works with all crowdfunding types and business models:

  • Debt-based crowdfunding (P2P lending)
  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Donation-based crowdfunding
  • Reward-based crowdfunding
Fintech consulting

Our technical skills are not the only thing we offer.

Having dozens of FinTech projects built, we can provide you with expert advice on how to start FinTech application development, what to pay attention to, limitations keep in mind, and how much it will cost.

At the end of the day, it’s not just technology. The business you’re launching is a product or a service to be used by real people, and the strategy to start this business requires careful analysis and planning.

If you are a startup, we will advise on engagement strategies of your new business, suggest product features and the right tools.

fintech consulting
Crowdfunding industry insights

In April and May 2020, we ran a survey among the crowdfunding platforms in the UK and Europe. We were eager to explore the tech behind the crowdfunding platforms:

  • how they are built;
  • what interesting features they offer to users;
  • how automated they are;
  • what tools they use to process payments and to market their services.

Besides, we explored what areas of crowdfunding businesses were exposed to positive and negative impact due to the crisis.

The insights in the report may help you shape up your future business strategy and get ideas about potential features to introduce.

Get report
crowdfunding industry report 2020 by justcoded
uma rajah
Uma Rajah CEO, CapitalRise

It is a pleasure to work with the JustCoded team. We appreciate the quality of their work and the effort they put in. They are reliable, helpful and prepared to go the extra mile when required. As a result, they feel more like an extended part of our team than a supplier.

Our approach Here's what you can expect from working with us


We’ll start by working out the product roadmap. It will help us determine the best tech solution that matches your business goals.


Based on the roadmap, we will have an understanding of the necessary resources, preliminary budget, and release schedule.


Regular demos and constant communication is the key to mitigating risks, ensuring a healthy development process, and achieving predictable results.


Lemon Way: simply and efficiently handle transactions between the players in your ecosystem

Lemon Way is a pan-European FinTech dedicated to marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, e-commerce websites and other companies looking for payment processing, wallet management and third-party payment in a KYC/AML-regulated framework.

Lemon Way obtained its payment institution licence at the end of 2012 and benefits from the ” EU financial passport” in 29 countries. The company employs 70 people from 14 different nationalities based in Paris (HQ), London, Madrid, Milano.

Goji: a UK-based and FCA regulated payment solution

It’s a modular cloud-based direct lending technology. As a fully regulated ISA manager with bank-grade security, Goji seamlessly integrates into P2P lending platforms. You can go to market much quicker, allow your customers to get their funds invested as soon as possible, and offer them 24/7 access to the investment portfolios.

GC Partners: international payments and collections made easy

GC Partners (formerly GCEN, Global Currency Exchange Network) has 95% of CREDITSAFE credit score and offers a partnership with one of the most creditworthy companies in the UK.

Along with payments and collection, GC Partners provide AML and KYC services and runs extensive checks on crowdfunding campaign supporters whether they are a UK citizen or reside in any other state around the globe.

MangoPay: ultimate payment solution for crowdfunding platforms

Getting a reliable payment solution is vital for a crowdfunding business. MangoPay offers all the necessary features to set up payments on your crowdfunding platform: e-wallet creation, automatic fee collection, payer refunds and more. At the same time, it provides essential security functionality to keep your business safe: AML and KYC checks, real-time anti-fraud rules, 3D secure.

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  • you and your business needs;
  • current plans, ideas, and strategy;
  • possible solution to your business challenge.

Describe your business requirements in enough details so we could understand your goal better.

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