Jack of all trades, master of none – who needs that?

As a marketing agency, you probably want to focus on what you do best: marketing.

The clients, on the other hand, tend to demand turnkey solutions for their business that include not only the creative part but the coding and maintenance, too.

We know how to help you do it. Let’s partner and help each other grow!

Technology partner for marketing agency

What we do

We are rather tech guys, but we are no stranger to all things beautiful. Because we love to code them :)

During more than 10 years in the industry, we’ve been working with creative and marketing agencies that want to provide extra value to their clients and deliver A to Z services.

There’s always an opportunity to hire a squad of freelancers, but we believe that the true quality is possible when the tech expertise goes together with the streamlined processes: you get a comfortable collaboration and a predictable result.

A white-label approach is not our cup of tea. We’d like to share our tech expertise with marketing agencies that are mature to present us to their clients as development partners. Why? Because it works both ways: we deliver a packaged solution to your client, and at the same time offer your marketing solutions to our own tech clients.

Everyone gets more new business – that’s what partnership is meant to be.

Our services

We don’t just say partnership – we mean it.

Web development

Most marketing strategies we’ve seen include creating or improving a website – a digital representation of the business which drives sales.

We’d be happy to work with your client to bring to life the design and ideas you’ve created by putting at work our skilled tech team.

Speaking about the team: it’s experienced business-savvy software engineers, project managers, designers, and business analysts with solution-driven work approach.

Web development

Technology consulting

As your partner, we’re open to consulting you or your client on the solution architecture and advise on possible limitations or pitfalls. Call it “CTO as a service” if you wish. By understanding the goal behind building a website or an app for your client, we’ll provide a well-grounded plan and technology suggestions.

We know that not everyone understands tech and always try to explain our vision using the business language terms and be on spot in terms of business value our advice brings.

Technology consulting

Presale consulting

If you already have a tech team guided by a lead, we’d be happy to join and help you polish your great product.

That doesn’t mean we’ll just take orders though – we co-create with you and will always share our ideas and suggestions.

Presale consulting
Industries and niches

Industries and niches

With a skilled development team and experienced project managers, we are ready to take on any project and accept challenges.
  • Marketing websites
  • Landing pages
  • Professional community websites
  • Health and fitness apps
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Real estate
  • Travel portals
  • Social networks

How we work with marketing agencies

Before things get serious, we suggest working on time and material basis. You’ll be able to see the quality of our work, get to know our team better and see our work in action.

If you have a steady schedule of projects, we’ll be happy to offer a dedicated team. It’s cheaper than time and material approach, and besides, working with the same team that is familiar with your working standards is much easier.

In addition, we can involve our project manager at the very early stage of a project. This way we will make sure that the design you create is technically feasible to develop.

See how we work

Our approach

Steps below describe what’s important for us and what we think makes a solid basis for an effective collaboration

  • First things first: we align our values and goals. It’s important for us to sync with your agency regarding the essentials like client relationship, partnership, and a long-term commitment.

  • Transparency is key. Over an introductory call, we’ll get to know your process and make sure we have a similar approach for project management.

  • Distance is not a problem when there is a proper communication plan in place. It allows us to show regular demos and stay on the same page.

Let's Talk!

Tell us a bit about your idea. We’ll get back to you within one day and plan our next steps.