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One of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress is that it’s primarily a blogging platform only good for simple websites. We agree to disagree. Our more than 10-year experience in custom WordPress development shows that this platform is a good fit for serious and even enterprise solutions.

What you can build with WordPress

What you can build with WordPress

Forbes, anyone? Because it’s WordPress that powers the huge portal of with its 59M unique visitors each month. In fact, it’s trusted by the biggest brands like BBC America, CNN, TechCrunch and Mashable – portals with a great deal of content and traffic.

In addition to magazines and news portals, you can use WordPress to build a variety of websites:

  • Job boards
  • Online communities
  • Portfolio websites
  • Event sites
  • Travel and luxury sites
  • Booking systems
  • Online stores
  • Multilingual websites

What we built

Let us show you some great examples of what our WordPress developers created!

The Office Group

The Office Group

A rental housing platform, TOG has a sleek and responsive look in the frontend and a very flexible content management in the backend. We implemented a page builder with custom layouts and provided the ability to select templates for the articles: full-screen galleries, sticky long-scroll layouts, slide-in on scroll content, and more.

Frontend effects like lazy load, galleries, custom sliders give the website that special feel that users remember.

Blogs de Voyage for

Blogs de Voyage for

We developed a multi-blogging platform powered by WordPress multisites and imported more than 35K blogs from the legacy system – 1 TB of various media files in total.

The website had an advanced search that performed search queries in all blogs at once, custom post types with customised custom fields for easy editing of special content, and API-based ISBN codes for Books, Albums, and Movies info.

Mindsparkle Mag

Mindsparkle Mag

A popular design blog existing since 2011, Mindsparkle Mag is a global inspiration platform that attracts more than 250K visit per month. It showcases websites, graphic, and videos, and allows sponsors to submit their websites to drive more revenue.

Mindsparkle Mag has been optimised for mobile devices and offers beautiful user experience and orientation.

How we build WordPress sites

Our experience and love for a well organised code and user-friendly content management inspired us to build an improved WordPress framework.

OOP concept and best web development practices help us deliver WordPress websites with impeccable quality: fast loading times, great usability in the admin backend, and compatibility with all screen sizes.

The framework comes with pre-installed plugins to improve SEO, provide a better editing experience, and ensure SMTP support.

It’s compatible with a variety of plugins: WooCommerce, Autoptimize, WP Super Cache, Contact Form 7 and others.

If the project you develop with us will be supported by other WordPress development company, they will have no problem doing so – our code is clean, well documented, and extendable.

How we build
Turnkey WordPress development

What we do

Turnkey WordPress development

We are not much into theme development. We are into building robust and reliable WordPress solutions.

Our best WordPress development team will take your idea and deliver a fully working website ready to bring you profit. Starting from the initial scope estimate, we will take care of everything: business analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance, and launch.

When the project is done, we’ll provide maintenance and support in case you require any updates or improvements. The whole development process will be completely transparent: our project manager will give you regular updates and show the intermediate results. You’re in good hands with us!

What we use

In addition to our WordPress framework, we implement a couple of plugins for easier content management and performance improvement.

by JustCoded

Just custom fields

We created this plugin specifically for users with no technical background. It converts standard Post Custom Fields into a powerful easy-to-update system with numerous new field types.

Page builder

A highly customisable with an easy interface and editor that allows to add widgets to a page and manage your landing pages, create secondary subpages and more.

by JustCoded

Just image optimizer

A WordPress plugin that helps compress image files, improve performance and boost your SEO rank using Google Page Speed Insights compression and optimisation.

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