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Our partner Crowd Valley announces rebrand to Difitek

On January 10th 2018, our partner Crowd Valley announced their rebranding – from now on they will operate as Difitek and introduce more exciting features for crowdfunding business.

how we launched a Shopify store Tech
5 minutes to read
How we launched a “Get a free Shopify website campaign and what we got in the end

A story about our experiment with Shopify – what we did, how we did it, and why it was interesting to us.

magento vs wordpress which cms is better Tech
3 minutes to read
Magento vs WordPress – which CMS is right for you?

The short answer is – it depends. The long answer is inside and covers advantages, disadvantages, and highlights in detail.

6 minutes to read
Project management: the challenge of fixed-price contracts

Project management with a fixed-price contract is not always the most straightforward of tasks. Here, we will outline the challenges and the benefits of alternative approaches and suggest some strategies to minimise the risk of a fixed-price project falling apart.

2 minutes to read
What is the future of frontend development?

This is a question that’s not necessarily all that easy to answer, however, our line of work means that we can offer an educated guess or two. Here’s what we see for the future of front-end development.

mobile development trends to watch Tech
2 minutes to read
Mobile development trends to watch

The tech industry already moves pretty fast, but if mobile’s meteoric rise is anything to go by, this is a sector you can’t take your eyes off for one second. So what are some of the trends that are set to shake up the sector ever further?

3 minutes to read
6 tips for great communication on a development project

Communication is as integral to a project’s success as any technology, tools or implementation strategies. After all, in order to get where we need to go, everyone needs to be following the same map. When communication falters, so does the project’s vision.

3 minutes to read
6 Reasons To Partner With A Development Agency

At Just Coded, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we dislike the word ‘outsourcing’ when it comes to development companies. It conjures up too many images of organisations that make it their business to do somebody else’s work for them on a permanent basis.

3 minutes to read
6 Strong Call-To-Actions for Lead Generation

It’s one thing to get people onto your website, but another to get them to take the action you want. Whether you’re hoping for email addresses to add to your subscription list, people to sign up for a product demo or to browsers to turn into buyers, a clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) is an essential element of a well-designed page.

2 minutes to read
10 reasons why your website needs updating

In this digital age, a business’s website is its calling card. If you’re a little unsure about whether action is necessary, take a look at our top 10 reasons your website needs updating

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