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10 minutes to read
10 key features of an e-learning platform

Plan to start an online education platform? Explore the way e-learning platforms evolve and note down the features that help them win the users.

how to create a real estate website Real estate
16 minutes to read
How to build your own real estate website in a highly competitive industry

If you decided to build or redesign a real estate website, in this long read you’ll find great examples for inspiration and useful ideas that will help you improve your real estate business.

justcoded crowdfunding platform survey Fintech
< 1 minute to read
Crowdfunding platform survey: a call for participation

How do the crowdfunding platforms respond to the crisis and what is the tech behind them? Participate in our survey to get a report with industry insight.

Real estate
10 minutes to read
What is co-living and why it solves the urban housing problem?

Co-living is the new trend in real estate these days as co-living spaces attract the young generation by offering affordable accommodation as well as specialised communities. Find out how it works and get inspired by successful co-living startups.

fractional ownership investment Business
8 minutes to read
How does shared ownership investment model work?

Explaining what shared ownership is, how it differs from timeshares, and how to earn money with a shared real estate investment platform.

web design user testing Design
9 minutes to read
Importance of web design user testing for your current or future projects

User testing is what allows you to make amends and fixes before the wide audience see your product in action and get frustrated. Find out what methods and approaches you can use to get valuable insight.

kyc and aml difference Fintech
10 minutes to read
What is the difference between KYC and AML?

KYC and AML are crucial for any website that deals with the financial transactions online, be it a big bank or a crowdfunding platform.

justcoded working arrangements during coronavirus Business
2 minutes to read
Working arrangements at JustCoded during COVID-19 outbreak

No panic, increased safety measures, and normal working mode unless otherwise instructed – that’s what we do in a nutshell at this time.

FCA crowdfunding regulations photo Fintech
6 minutes to read
FCA regulations for crowdfunding in 2020

While some types of crowdfunding are spared from the regulation, other types are going to face stricter laws. In this article, we will tell you about the FCA crowdfunding rules in 2020 and where they apply.

justcoded best laravel developer Business
< 1 minute to read
JustCoded was just named a Top Developer on Clutch!

Showing off our achievements as we ranked the #1 among Laravel developers on Clutch – a global review and rating platform.

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