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Real estate
9 minutes to read
5 best virtual tour software for real estate business

Walk that extra mile and help your potential clients see your property offerings for real. In this review, we explore the possibilities, features, and costs.

Real estate
8 minutes to read
How to redesign a real estate agency website

Find out how to redesign your real estate agency, maintain SEO ranking, and provide a better experience for your website visitors.

Real estate
12 minutes to read
10 key features of the custom CRM for a real estate agency

Find out how to create an ultimate tool to make the life of your real estate agency and agents easier and more productive.

Real estate
8 minutes to read
Building a custom property management system: key features and challenges

Find out the advanced features to help you cater to younger tenants and learn what it costs to build a property management system tailored exactly to your business requirements.

blockchain and real estate the current state of real estate tokenisation Real estate
6 minutes to read
Blockchain and real estate: the current state of real estate tokenisation

Real estate is one of the few industries where blockchain can really make a difference. Learn about the benefits it brings and how real estate tokenisation is shaping the market.

Real estate
11 minutes to read
11 key features for building a real estate website for agents

A sleek website of a real estate agent can make the right impression and encourage people to buy a house using your services rather than a competitor’s. Discover how to convey the right message to your potential clients and build a highly-converting website.

Real estate
6 minutes to read
Real estate syndications vs. crowdfunding. What are the differences?

A real estate investment platform that you may be looking to build can be syndication or a crowdfunding website. Get a better idea of the differences in this article.

real estate crowdfunding website for non-accredited investors Real estate
14 minutes to read
How to create a real estate crowdfunding website for non-accredited Investors?

Non-accredited investors are the ordinary people who got a chance to invest thanks to crowdfunding. Find out why they can be your potential target audience.

Real estate
13 minutes to read
How to make a commercial real estate crowdfunding platform: core functionality and features

Learn about the essential functionality to consider when building your real estate crowdfunding portal.

why invest in real estate Real estate
8 minutes to read
5 reasons to invest in real estate crowdfunding

Investment opportunities are vast, but there’s one niche that stands out and attracts the big fish as well as individual investors – real estate crowdfunding. Why is it so promising?

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